Luxury watches are often a status symbol. They can last for decades and be passed down from generation to generation. They can also be a meaningful heirloom or rite of passage. If you are in the market for a new luxury watch, it is wise to buy a quality model and maintain it properly. When shopping for the best watches for men in Dubai, it is important to know the features that make for a high-quality piece.

Chronograph watches:

The basic function of a clock is to measure time. These watches feature pushers to begin and stop the time and subdials for measuring seconds and minutes. This makes them more interactive and interesting than the traditional moon phase or day/date display. However, they can be pricey.

A chronograph watch is one of the most versatile timepieces, available in various styles and materials. Typically, it will feature a silver dial with three black subdials and white Arabic indices. A sapphire crystal will protect the dial. The case will be made of stainless steel and house a quartz movement. This type of watch will also have the added features of an end-of-life indicator and split and add functions.

Full grain leather:

Full-grain leather is stronger than other types of leather and is more durable. However, it costs more to produce. Top-grain leather is less expensive but also less durable. Top-grain leather is less breathable and does not look as natural as full-grain leather. However, it is easy to clean and requires only a mild soap. Full-grain leather is also more resistant to stains than other types of leather.

Sapphire glass:

A good quality watch will have sapphire glass, or a sapphire crystal, to protect the dial. The sapphire crystal is a very hard material and is not something that can be cut with normal tools. It requires a special process involving diamonds to cut and polish it.

Dual time function:

Many people prefer to wear watches with dual time functions. These watches are practical and stylish. However, they can be expensive. Dual time watches have a subdial that shows two time zones. They may also have a day/night indicator. It would help if you also looked for a digital display for the second time zone, as these can be much more practical than analog displays.