You can do your part by give your time as a volunteer at least once a week for an hour.

Works in following area: Driver, Caregiver, kitchen help, Physical Activity Teacher, Physiotherapist, Physician, Nurse, Phonologist, Seamstress, Hair Stylist or other areas you suggest….


Companies can donate to children and adolescents rights municipal fund (FMDCA) destined to Educational Association and Pão da Vida (Our corporate name). These donations allow a taxes reduction.

You also can directly make a bank transfer  monthly or yearly.


Churches can also help in this process by giving a part of their budget for monthly repayment in our current account.


Both can also support the dissemination of the project among their employees, members, clients or students.


You can support a child or teenager with R$ 30.00 R$ 60.00 R$ 120.00 or a further amount by bank transfert directly to the Association account.

You can also donate items of need, such as: Clothes, shoes, diaper, hygiene products, school materials, food and others.


And finally you can give them your affection



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