The Host Family Program consists of find families who are agree to receive children, adolescents or groups of siblings in a situation of personal and social risk in their homes, for a specified period. Their family welcomes, accepts, and considers them as a full member of the family during this period.

The host family represents the possibility of continuity of family life in a healthy environment for the child or adolescent.


The host family assumes the role of partner, by take care of the child, and help him for return in his biological or surrogate family.

Host families receive, during six months of provisional adoption, a financial support. It’s important to say that most of the children and adolescents return to their homes after the foster placement period.


Each host family should receive one child / adolescent simultaneously,  but in case of siblings to avoid separation,  it’s possible to welcome them together.


Everyone take be a host family: Couples, single women or men. Host families are selected, trained and accompanied by our social service.


What are host Family Program’s preconditions to registration?


For the families or individuals ‘registration in the Host Family Program, standards are:

1) Availability;

2) Be between 25 and 55 years old

3) Have a good physical and mental health

4) Do not have a criminal record

5) Have a stable financial situation

6) Have a stable family relationship, without drugs or alcohol dependence



The minimum documentation required is ID, residence proof, proof of sufficient means, clear criminal record, and physical and mental health certificate.



"The storm goes on, life continues and your family can make the difference"

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