A nursery school is a great way for your child to meet new people. They will be surrounded by other children their age with similar interests, making it easier for them to make friends and socialize before entering elementary school. They will also learn to work as a group, which is important for solving problems later in elementary school. Before you send your children to nurseries in Jumeirah, this information will help you make the right decision for your kids.

Provides meaningful choices for the children:

A good preschool provides meaningful choices for the children throughout the day. This allows the children to explore different interests and activities and to make important decisions, like what products they will make. They also have opportunities to exercise their curiosity and make new friends. Moreover, the school should respect children’s home language and culture and incorporate them into its curriculum. In addition, it should be well-equipped with modern learning tools and gadgets.


The socialization benefits of a nursery school extend beyond the physical environment. It includes learning about right and wrong behavior and what is acceptable and not acceptable in society. This process is vitally important because societies vary in values, and children must adjust to their environment.

Language development:

Language development is a vital aspect of young children’s early years. This important skill is developed through peer learning and socialization. Parents anticipate their charges’ needs and help them fill in communication gaps. Children must learn words and phrases to engage in conversations with playmates as they grow.

Learning through play:

Play is a vital component of child development. It enables children to practice their social skills. They develop a sense of responsibility, assertiveness, and cooperation. Playing is also a way for children to express their emotions. The benefits of play extend beyond school.

Creative arts:

Creative arts benefit children in more ways than one. For one, they foster cognitive skills, which are essential for their development as they age. Children learn by doing creative activities and exploring their imaginations. They also develop their emotional and social capabilities. Research suggests that children with more exposure to creative arts will have a higher chance of graduating from college.